The poster of the new Fox TV series Kizil Goncalar / Red Buds, produced by Gold Film and produced by Faruk Turgut, has been released.

Kizil Goncalar in English “Red buds” is a Turkish drama series broadcast on the Tv by Gold Film.

Kizil Goncalar Turkish Series

The poster of the series Kizil Goncalar , one of the most ambitious projects of the season and eagerly awaited, shows the main actors of the series, Ozcan Deniz and Ozgu Namal.

When we look at the cast of the series, it must be said that it attracts attention not only with the main roles, but also with the names in the supporting roles.

Fans are excitedly waiting for Ozga Namal, who returns to the sets after a long break. We see that the interest in the Kizil Goncalar series is high only because Ozcan Deniz has a large follower base.

The cast of the series also includes notable names such as Mert Yazicioglu, Erkan Avci, Hazal Turesan, Mert Turak, Selen Ozturk, Serif Erol. Since these actors are names that have done valuable work, we can say that the series Kizil Goncalar / Red Buds has a very strong image with its cast.

Effective image

Also in the cast of the series we see names such as Duygu Sarisin, Tugrul Tulek, Yakup Turgut, Sitare Akbas, Mina Demirtas, Esma Yilmaz, Zehra Kelleci, Tuana Gizem Uzunlar, and to state that the series creates a very effective image with these actors.

Project Kizil Goncalar | Red Buds , which will introduce its audience to its first episode on Fox TV screens on December 18, is about the intersection of the fates of Levent (Ozcan Deniz), a secular Ataturkist, and Meryem (Ozgu Namal), who lives in a fanatical sect.

The series draws attention to the unifying power of motherhood/fatherhood. Kizil Goncalar, directed by Omur Atay and written by Necati Sahin, is on Fox Monday, December 18 and every Monday at 8:00 p.m.

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