Leylifer is a new Turkish daily drama series , which will air in the new autumn/winter 2023 season.

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Leylifer Turkish Series

Leylifer Turkish Series


Name: Leylifer
Genre:  Drama
Source language:  Turkish
Year of production:  2023/2024
Production company: Alim Yapım
Main actors:  Camila Duarte Çakır, Can Verel, Burak Sarımola, Berna Keskin


Meryem travels to Istanbul with her husband Kemal and her children, for her sister’s wedding.

However, their plans to return home to Spain are suddenly cut short, when Kemal disappears, and is later found dead in a burnt out car with a woman Meryem has never met.

Believing that Kemal has been murdered, Meryem vows to stay in Istanbul until she finds his killer.

However, she must face a new life in a foreign land, among a family wary of her and a community that struggles to accept her.

Despite the challenges, Meryem finds unexpected love with Aziz.

Their paths are illuminated by Leylifer’s light, and Meryem begins to reclaim her identity in this new home.


The Alim Yapım daily series project is founded by Neslihan Atagül  and Kadir Doğulu .

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