Although the TV series project called Bambaska Biri | Someone else achieved great success abroad and created a very good environment for interaction on social networks, the domestic audience did not appreciate him enough.

bambaska biri English Subtitle

Although the international sales of the drama series Bambaska Biri | Someone Else starring Hande Ercel and Burak Deniz was doing well, the rating results in Turkey made things very difficult.

According to various reports, the series was expected to end in episode 16.

Comments are shared on social networks that the series is progressing step by step towards its finale.

Change of broadcast day

It was a big surprise when Fox TV changed the broadcast day of the TV series Bambaska Biri.

The series project, which will now meet the audience on Friday evenings, was broadcast on Monday evenings.

The new 13th episode of the series Bambaska Biri | Someone else , which appeared before the audience on Monday nights for 12 episodes, can be seen on Friday, December 8 at 8:00 PM on Fox TV.

With this decision to change the day, it is possible to understand that Fox TV wants to keep the TV series Bambaska Biri on the screen, but does not attach much importance to it.

New Fox TV Series Kizil Goncalar | Red Buds will make their first public appearance on Monday, December 18. In other words, the broadcast day of the TV series Bambaska Biri is now reserved for the new series Kizil Goncalar.

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