One of the new surprise projects in 2024 on Channel D is a new TV series called Tas Kagit Makas | Paper, rock, scissors.

Ozan Guven is back with a new TV series!

The project of the new series Tas Kagit Makas | Paper, Stone, Scissors , starring Ekina Koca and Serra Ariturk, seems to impress everyone with its story that reflects the longing for justice.

Ozan Guven , who remained on the agenda due to the problems he experienced in his personal life while starring in the TV series Babil in 2020, had to seem to take a short break from television series.

The breaks really lasted.

Return after three years

The return of Ozan Guven to the television series after a three-year hiatus, who withdrew from the public after receiving major criticism on the issue of violence against women, will be extraordinary.

Ozan Guven will surprise his fans by returning to sets with a different character after three years.

A new project called Tas Kagit Makas, adapted from the Korean TV series Remember: War Of The Son, attracts attention with its cast and story.

Attention will be drawn to the fact that Ozan Guven will play a surprise character in the new series Tas Kagit Makas, which also stars Burak Yoruk, Hande Ataizi, Aytac Usun, Bulent Seyran. The character that the actor will portray has already become a matter of curiosity.


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