Preparations for the upcoming series of Kanal D Tas Kagit Makas | Rock, Paper, Scissors, produced by MF Yapim, continues at full speed.

Work has begun on the new Turkish TV series Tas Kagit Makas Rock, paper, scissors

After the composition of the series was completed, the reading rehearsals began.

In the cast of the series Tas Kagit Makas | Rock, Paper, Scissors has some very notable names that will bring the audience a captivating story where injustice is questioned.

In 2024, Ekin Koc will meet his fans with a completely different character.

Koc, the male lead in the new series Tas Kagit Makas | Rock, paper, scissors , last appeared in the TV series Uc Kurus in the season 2021-2022.

Return to TV screens after two years

Ekin, whom we later saw in cinema and digital series, decided to return to television series, which made his fans happy.

Recently, a reading test of the series was held, which includes successful names such as Ekin Koc, Serra Ariturk, Ozan Guven, Burak Yeruk, Hande Ataizi, Aytac Usun, Bulent Seyran, Selim Galip.

Directed by Yusuf Pirhasan, and based on the screenplay by Ugras Gunes, the series will appear on the screens with the fight for justice of Umut (Ekin Koc), who lives in a slum, to prove his father’s innocence against the real culprits – the system.

Ekin Koc, who plays the character of Umut in the series, whose filming started recently, will for the first time play a patient with hyperthymesia (abnormal ability to remember).

The series Tas Kagit Makas , in which Umut will continue his search for justice with his extraordinary ability to remember, will soon be on Channel D…

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