Abdullah and Alev, who meet to discuss the latest events, will have a nice day together. Realizing that she is very impressed by Abdullah, Alev will find a solution in speeding up the wedding with Rüzgar. Leman will help Kayhan who lost money on the stock market and will ask for help from Ömer and enable Kayhan to work in the company.

When Nilay’s baby’s umbilical cord falls off, Nilay finds her own solutions to bury her.
Fatih is extremely interested in Doğu and is trying in every way to win back his wife.
Kıvılcım and Ertuğrul’s friendship progressed and they began to meet more often as a family.

The decision that Abdullah makes, the day before Alev’s wedding, will put both families on an irreversible path. When Nilay gave birth, Doga cried and told Doga, don’t leave me alone. Now she closes the door to her. Omer reconciles with Kivilci, but after that he gets sick and ends up in the hospital. Will Omer survive?

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