A new TV series project has arrived for Wednesday night viewers. A dramatic story called Sandik Kokusu | The smell of the chest introduced the audience with its first episode and started well with its ratings TvsSriale24.

Sandik Kokusu Turkish Series

The series starring Ozge Ozpirincci and Demet Akbag also features two important male actors, Necip Memili and Metin Akdulger.

It was a remarkable development that Ozge Ozpirincci returned to television series, especially after the successful project of the TV series called Kadin | A woman.

TV series Sandik Kokusu | The Smell of the Chest attracted attention by achieving above-average ratings, especially in the ABC1 group. Although the ratings were slightly below average in the AB and total rating category, these ratings are not bad from the first episode.

An increase in viewership is expected

The TV series Sandik Kokusu ended the day in ninth place in the total category, and in sixth place in the AB group. With these results, we can say that the series started its screen life with not bad rates and there is a high probability that it will increase with the results obtained in the following episodes.

Although there are very positive comments about the series on social networks, there are many posts stating that the audience is very happy with the return of Ozga Ozpirincci to the screens.

Sandik Kokusu will welcome the audience with its new episode on Wednesday, December 13 at 8:00 p.m. on Show TV. The ratings in the second episode will be very important.

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