Tickets for the TRT co-production Nefes – Yer Eksi Iki, which will be on the cinema screen in Turkey on Friday, December 15, are on sale.

Great interest in Murat Yildirim's new project, Nefes Yer Eksi Iki


Name: Nefes: Yer Eksi Iki
Genre: Film
Director: Ozan Uzunoglu
Source language:  Turkish
Release Date: December 15, 2023
Year of production:  2023
Main actors:  Murat Yildirim, Bestemsu Özdemir, Sahin Kendirci

The new Turkish epic about Mehmetçik will meet the audience in the film Nefes – Yer Eksi Iki , the most ambitious project of the season with its shocking story.

In the co-production of TRT, the film Nefes – Yer Eksi Iki, starring Murat Yildirim , Ilker Aksum, Sahin Kendirci and Arda Anarat, will be shown. on the big screen on December 15.

Tickets for the film that exposes terrorism in its most brutal reality and grabs attention with its compelling screenplay based on real life are now on pre-sale.

The story of the honorable Mehmetčići

The film Nefes – Yer Eksi Iki , produced by Mustafa Cihat Durmus, directed by Ozan Uzunoglu and screenwriter Hakan Evrensel, will make a name for itself.

Set in a police station at an altitude of two thousand meters and with traces of many real heroes who served in the region, the film tells the story of the honorable Mehmetčići who, at any cost, did not abandon their duty even for a moment.

The most talked about film in 2023, the TRT co-production Nefes – Yer Eksi Iki, will premiere in theaters on Friday, December 15.

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