Ferit, who lost the most important thing in his life, the person who sincerely loved him, was by his side all the time, now realizes how wrong he was. On the other hand, Seyran was left alone, but she found new friends who will hold her hands.

Yes, Ferit, think carefully about where you went wrong, stand firmly on the ground, and don’t leave your spouse alone. This time, try hard and try to get her back before it’s really too late… Suna and Kaya got married and Halis aga congratulates them. Nuket can’t believe that Kaya did it.

Ferit tells his father that he cannot live without Seyran. Orhan tells him that he lost. Orhan gets slapped by Gulin again when he knocks on his door and a woman opens the door for her. It’s nice that Suna puts everyone in their place and honors her father, but it’s sad that she doesn’t stand by Sister Seyran, who has been by her side since the beginning.

Halis asks Ferit to divorce Seyran as soon as possible. Ferit lets Grandpa know that he will be with Seyran. We can’t wait for the expression on Halis age’s face when she finds out that Pelina’s child is not Ferit’s. Suna and Kaya welcome their first wedding night. Suna surrenders to him because she got the company and the money and everything she wanted. But every day he loses his sister more and more. Kazim is furious because he was kicked out of the hostel.

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