Believing that Ferit wanted to be with her again, Seyran is very disappointed when she realizes that he only wanted to take revenge on her. She stands in front of him and asks him how he could do this to her? Ferit tells her that the worst is yet to come.

After that, Ferit comes to Halis aga and kisses his hand and his grandfather hugs him because he did as they agreed. A witch doctor comes to the Korhans’ house and casts a spell. Suna realizes that something strange is happening. Seyran tells Ferit that they too will regret turning to her.

Suna realizes that Kaya has started getting close to another girl. Seyran is finally on the way to becoming a strong woman. While Ferit says that he will take revenge on Seyran, he does not realize that he has made Seyran stronger.

While Esma tries to beat the disease, Kazim becomes an increasingly Czech guest in Šehmuz’s house and shows interest in Zerra, Pelina’s mother. Nuket plots against Suna.

Most likely, Suna will also understand the intrigues that are happening in the villa and will be with Sejran.

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