Yali Capkini, one of the indispensable Friday evening series of Star TV screens, came to the screens with its 51st episode last Friday at 20:00. Seyran was kidnapped in the last scene of the 50th episode. So what happened in episode 51? Has the trailer for episode 52 been released? Here’s what will happen in the 52nd episode of the Yali Capkini (Kingfisher).

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Yali Capkini, which broke new records on Friday evenings, came to the screens with its 51st episode last Friday. Episode 50 ended with Seyran being kidnapped by her father. So why did Kazim kidnap Seyran? Everything was revealed in the 51st episode. The scene of the 50th episode that left its mark on another night was Gülgün’s story of starting life over again. She decided to leave the house by telling Orhan that she was leaving. However, Orhan’s plans were different. He left Gulgun in the middle of the road with the help of the driver to bring Gulgun home. Orhan, who did not even allow Gulgun to take her belongings, also canceled her cards. The first name Gulgun called was Seyran. Seyran, as Gulgun’s biggest supporter, gave the audience emotional moments. Elsewhere, Seyran earned his first money and took the first step into the freedom of his new life. So what happened in the 51st episode of Yali Capkini?


There was chaos in the 51st episode of the Yali Capkini (Kingfisher). In the first scenes of the episode, Seyran revealed all the secrets of the Korhan family and what his father had put him through on live broadcast. Even his father, Kazım Agha, did not expect this much. This speech, which disappointed everyone, was of course not welcomed warmly by the Korhan family and Kazım Agha. It was this scene that left its mark on the episode.

Things got complicated on the Ferit and Suna front when Seyran was kidnapped by Kazim Agha. Even though Ferit wanted to go to save Seyran, Halis Ağa stood against this. Ferit found a way again and went to save Seyran with Abidin. However, the situation was not as easy as expected. While there was a great debate about how to get Seyran, who was kept in a closed room with iron bars, out, Suna said that he was ready to save Seyran in this operation. Seyran, Abidin and Ferit trio managed to save Seyran by somehow deceiving Kazım Agha. The duo, who previously went to the place where the first foundations of Seyran and Ferit’s love began to be laid, this time did not make scenes with the expected warmth. Ferit ruined the situation by saying to Seyran that she was Kazım Şanlı’s daughter. On the other hand, Suna was caught by Kaya while entering the room in the morning. Kaya “My wife cannot spend the night anywhere else!” He had a nervous breakdown with his words. Suna was literally shocked by what he saw. What will Suna, who sees a different side of Kaya, do in the following episodes? Will Suna, who has caught a small love flame with Abidin, now stand by Kaya? Or will he return to Abidin? It is a matter of great curiosity. The audience wants the Kaya Suna love to be kept alive.

While things started to calm down on the Ferit and Halis ağa front, Ferit could not say that the drawing in question did not belong to him. What will the Ferit and Halis ağa duo, who signed a new collection, experience in the future? Will Ferit say that the drawing that is part of the collection belongs to Seyran? Or will he try to continue this business under Seyran’s efforts?

Yali Çapkini, who left his mark on the agenda with the last scene, just like the first scene, showed that a different struggle will begin between Ferit and Seyran. This time, Seyran waged a great war not only against Ferit, but also against the Korhan family and his father. Here are the details in the trailer for the 52nd episode of Yali Capkini.


The first trailer of Yalı Çapkını Episode 52 has been released. The Yalı Çapkını series team, which included only one scene in the trailer, reflected the double fight between Seyran and Ferit on the screens. While Ferit is very angry with Seyran, Seyran seems quite comfortable as he brought all the facts to light. As can be seen from Seyran’s eyes, all her feelings for Ferit are gone. So what will happen between the two in the future? Will Ferit marry Pelin to take his anger out on Seyran? What will Halis Agha do after the statements made about him? All of them will be on the screens next Friday with the 52nd episode of Yali Capkini (Kingfisher).

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