et’s discover the 10 most beautiful Turkish series on Netflix 2024 .

After the most beautiful Turkish films recommended to watch , and the 10 best Turkish series not to be missed , today we talk about the TV series you can find on Netflix .

Turkish series conquer an ever-increasing audience every day thanks to their unique mix of drama and romance, which keeps the viewer glued to the screen from the first to the last episode.

In this article you will find the ranking of the best Turkish series broadcast on Netflix to date.

The 10 best Turkish series on Netflix 2024

1. The Protector Turkish series on Netflix

The 10 best Turkish series on Netflix

The Protector follows the adventures of Hakan, a young shopkeeper in Istanbul who discovers that he is the city’s last defender against dark forces.

With mysterious powers and a prophecy to fulfill, Hakan finds himself immersed in a struggle between good and evil, with the life of the entire city in the balance.

2. Love 101

This series set in the 1990s follows a group of students who plan to make their teachers fall in love to prevent them from being transferred elsewhere.

However, over the course of their mission, they discover more than they imagined about relationships, friendship, and life itself.

“Love 101” is an emotional story of personal growth and indelible bonds that tackles profound themes while capturing the spirit of rebellious youth.

3. Ambition

The 10 best Turkish series on Netflix

The  Ambition series narrates the conflict of two different generations working within a television channel.

The new Generation Z and Generation X will compete, and try to prove who is the best.
In the center of the story is the fate of Asli, who is trying to climb to the top and win a difficult battle for the main place at the table using the methods of the digital world.

4. The Tailor

A famous tailor named Peryami has the task of making the wedding dress of his best friend’s (Dimitri) girlfriend (Esvet), when he finds himself dealing with a sick father who he tries to hide at all costs.

However, Esvet and Dimitri also hide dark secrets that will turn their lives upside down.

5. Midnight in Istanbul – Turkish Series on Netflix

The story tells of a young journalist  Esra  who arrives at the legendary  Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul , and is assigned to write a piece, but discovers by chance that one of the historic rooms is a portal to the year 1919.

Thrust into the past, she ends up in the midst of a political conspiracy against the founder of modern  Turkey ,  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk .

6. Fatma

The TV series Fatma tells of a cleaning woman who, after committing an involuntary murder, while looking for her missing husband, is forced to continue killing to protect herself and her son.

Thanks to her work she manages to be the least suspicious killer there is, and the murder becomes for her a release for the years of struggle and pain she had repressed.

7. Black Money Love

It all starts one night when a man and a woman are found dead in an isolated car.

 The woman was Omer ‘s girlfriend,  a police commissioner, while the man was a rich entrepreneur.

Shocked, the man’s daughter  Elif  and the commissioner will try to find out who is behind that terrible crime.

8. The Club – Turkish series on Netflix

The Club is set in Istanbul in 1955, and tells the life of ex-prisoner Matilda and her daughter Rașel, who did not know of her existence until the day of her release from prison.

Matilda will try to regain her relationship with her daughter and keep her away from Fıstık İsmet, a man from Pera.

9. M50

50m2  tells of a mysterious hitman forced to flee to save his life, even if this means taking refuge in a space of just 50 square meters.

A tailor’s shop where the townspeople think he is the son of the dead owner.

10. Intersection

Ali Nejat is a young businessman who meets Dr. Naz during a trip, who saves the life of a close friend of his in a restaurant.

Naz is married to Umut who works as a car mechanic.

Naz’s acquaintance with Ali Nejat not only changes her life, but also changes her husband’s life.

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