It cannot be a coincidence that the young actress Sumeyye Ayydogan has recently joined the world of TV series and is participating in good projects one after another.

Sumeyye Aydogan in a new ambitious series

The actress, who was quickly noticed for both her talents and physical characteristics, has been involved in exceptional projects so far.

Sumeyye Aydogan , who joined the world of Turkish TV series with the character of Meneksa in the TV series Kahraman Babam, then successfully interpreted the character of Ceren in the production of Sadakatsiz | Unfaithful.

The actress, who delighted with the character of Melissa in the youth TV series Duy Beni | Hear me, she participated in the digital series project called Akif, as well as in the TV series Tacsiz Princess last season.

Coming soon in the Gaddar series

The young actress, whom we saw in the ambitious digital series Magarsus with the character of Geta, then in the TV series Donence, in a short time attracted the attention of a wide audience by doing projects that would make her young colleagues jealous.

Sumeyye Aydogan will continue to attract attention in 2024 with a series called Gaddar.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the new character named Aydan will be a turning point in the career of Aydogan, who stars in the TV series Gaddar with Cagatay Ulusoy. The actress, who already had considerable experience in good projects, will once again be in the spotlight on social media with the new Fox TV series, in which she plays the female lead.

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