It mainly tells the hilarious and sweet story of Song Zhu, the third lady of the Song family, who rebels against arranged marriage and seeks true love, and Xiao Yu, the young master who hides his identity and is here to study, who came to grow. together, and their relationship went from hate to love over time. The Song family is a well-known family of scholars, and all of the family’s children are literary giants who became famous at a young age. Only the third daughter, Song Zhu, did not inherit anything good from her parents except good looks.

Special Lady

However, the more this happens, the less Song Zhu is interested in studying. She wants to get rid of her family’s halo and spends her days thinking about how to get married, until she meets Xiao Yu, the “apprentice”. Xiao Yu’s appearance completely disrupts the life plan she has set for herself. Xiao Yu is like a calamity for Song Zhu, wherever he is, there will be a disaster for Song Zhu. However, the unconvinced Song Zhu was not willing to lose in Xiao Yu’s hands. The entire academy was in a state of turmoil for a while. Because of the appearance of these two people in Yiyang Academy, they began to have competition and confrontation with each other. Academy life was as full of new and interesting stories as campus life is today. Song Zhu unites a group of his best friends and rises up to pursue his own happiness.


Original Title: 陌上人如玉
Aired: December 29 to January 13, 2024
Episodes: 36
Network: iqiyi
Release year: 2023
Country: China
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Historical
Rating: A13+


  • Xiao Yan  as Song Zhu
  • Zhai Zi Lu  as Xiao Yu
  • Sheng Ying Hao  as Zhou Ji
  • Zhong Li Li  as Yan Qinruo
  • Qin Xiao Xian  as Crown Prince
  • Yu Zi Yang  as Song Yi
  • Zheng Xiao Ning  as Song Yu
  • Hu Ming  as Third Uncle Hu
  • Yao An Lian  as Master Zhang
  • Liu Run Nan  as Li Wenshu
  • Sun Zi Hang  as Song Li
  • Liao Peng Fei  as Song Yang
  • Yu Shao Qun  as Master Chen
  • Zhang Lei  as Head Teacher Shen
  • Hu Xiao Ting  as Little Madam Zhang
  • Fan Tian Tian  as Nanny Sun
  • Zhang Xi Lin  as Wan Li
  • Yang Yue  as Song Ling
  • Miao Yu  as Yan Anbang
  • Deng Zhi Hao  as Zhong Jiang
  • Yang Xin Ke  as Cui Ke
  • Ge Si
  • Lou Xin Yue



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