Senden Once series | Before you, in which betrayal, love and loyalty are questioned, written by Basak Anigun and directed by Ferida Kaytan, will soon appear on the screen of Kanal D.

Alp Navruz will present Hakan as the main male role. We will see a fierce female fight over Hakan, a rich and successful businessman.


Sahra, played by Nilperi Sahinkaya, is someone who tries to get Hakan. However, standing in front of him is Hakan’s wife Merve. We will see Sinem Unsal in the character of Merva .

There is also information that in each new episode there will be new surprises of the series, which is a candidate to surprise the audience with its story.

A goal-oriented woman

Sinem Unsal , who describes her character Merve as a “goal-oriented woman”, will return to the screen with the character of a woman who can do anything she believes in. Unsal, who made a big breakthrough in her career with the character Nazli in the TV series Mucize Doktor, improved her acting skills in the projects in which she participated in the following period.

The famous actress, who is preparing to meet her fans again with a television series in 2024, said the following about the series Senden Once :

“We will see a woman who is very in love, very passionate and very focused on her goal. But “Emotion or goal?” Merve will come to a crossroads at this point… Our adventure begins there. We will watch a young woman whose motivations are constantly changing and who clings tightly to each new motivation she acquires. Merve can do whatever she believes, I expect that from her. In fact, she’s a bit like all of us… Both good and bad… That’s the good thing about her anyway… She behaves differently when she’s hurt, and differently when she’s a target. There is no simple truth. So she is a very real character.”.

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