This time, Feraje really feels a lot of pain because of the loss of the baby. Yamano’s happiness when he found out he was going to become a father lasted very short.

Safir English Sub

He and Feraje lost a baby. Ates seems to be pulling away from everyone after all. He meets another woman who will make an impression on him. I wonder if Feraye will become a murderer and kill Bora in mourning for the loss of her baby.

Feraje leaves a message for Bora’s mother and says that she came to kill her son. Gulfem tells Vural that she will never forgive him, and Vural points a gun at her and tells her that enough is enough. Ates offers help to a girl whose car broke down. Gulfem raised you well, said Vural, which enrages Ateš, who shouts, don’t mention her name.

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