Ruzgarli Tepe in English “Windly Hill” is a daily Turkish drama series, broadcast on Kanal 7.

Ruzgarli Tepe Turkish Series

Plot Ruzgarli Tepe

Zeynep, the intelligent, polite and ladylike daughter of her family, is a role model for everyone in town.

But Zeynep has an unknown side, namely her warrior spirit.

Halil, on the other hand, is a young man who lost his parents at a young age and grew up with his aunt for years with pain and resentment.

She faces a life of hardship at an early age and constantly struggles with hardship, and Zeynep, who is a true free warrior in her princess guise, cross paths.

Halil, who lives for her family, and Zeynep, who lives despite her family, are unwittingly caught in the vortex of love, and no matter how much they run from each other, their paths always cross.

Will their love be able to support Zeynep and Halil on this journey in which every step they take and every decision they make will have consequences?

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