One of the important characters of the Turkish TV series Yali Capkini | Aquarius, which airs on Star TV on Friday nights, is Ifakat.

Revealed which actress turned down the character of Ifakat in the series Yali Capkini Kingfisher

This female character, successfully played by Gulcin Santircioglu, occupies an important place in the story of the series.

Ifakat has had a great influence on the Yali Capkini | series so far Vodomar , because she is a character who can get on the audience’s nerves.

It was revealed that the famous name who was offered the role before Gulcin Santircioglu was Ceyda Duvenci.

Ceyda Duvenci hosted the actor and musician Emre Altug in her show Bambaska Sohbetler, which is broadcast every weekday on NTV.

Emre Altug and Ceyda Duvenci, who also starred in the TV series Yali Capkini, have long-standing friendships.

Duvenci about the role

Duvenci announced that she was offered the role of Ifakat for the first time on the screen, played by Gulcin Santircioglu in the TV series Yali Capkini . Ceyda also told Emre Altug:

“I was very happy and excited when I saw her name. I was very happy and relieved when I found out that Gulcin was playing that role because I couldn’t accept it.”

Emre Altug spoke about the role of Orhan in the series Yali Capkini like this: ” I was excited when the role came to me. It was a period when I was ready for intense working hours. Gulcin is my friend, Gozde was my old friend, I very happily started the project.”

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