Friday, December 15, 2023 saw the premiere of Death’s Game, starring Seo In-Guk, on TVING and Amazon Prime Video. The new series, which is based on the same-titled webtoon by Lee Won-Sik and Ggulchan, will explore the themes of reincarnation, life, and death.Seo In-Guk, under the direction of Ha Byung-hoon, plays the main character of Choi Yi-Jae in Death’s Game, and Park So-Dam plays Death, another important character in the series. With a plethora of exciting events introducing the characters and showing how Choi Yi-Jae is punished by Death for taking his own life, the opening episode of the K-dramas on TVING really gets things started.


Episode 1 of Death’s Game: Death chastises Choi Yi-Jae, played by Seo In-Guk, for taking his own life.

Death’s Game’s first episode shows what happens to a man who ends his life prematurely in order to mock death. After unsuccessfully trying to find employment for seven years, Choi Yi-Jae (Seo In-Guk) loses all hope of living. He ends up losing every penny he has because of a bad investment on his last day of life.

That day also sees him break up with Lee Ji-Su (Go Youn-Jung), his longtime girlfriend. Having seen Ji-Su, he heads back home to find that his rental house has been thrown out by the owner. In addition, he is eliminated from the last round of a significant interview. He can no longer stand the hurt of his mistakes, and as a result, he passes out. In the first episode of Death’s Game, he makes the decision to end all of his suffering by killing himself.

He died after plunging from a skyscraper. But upon his passing, he discovers that Death will hold him accountable for his transgression of taking one’s own life. He encounters Death in what appears to be a pitch-black abyss. Death warns him that he will have twelve births, twelve deaths, and twelve reincarnations on Earth.

But in the end, he’ll always pass away. However, he will get to experience that life to the fullest if he can somehow make it through any one of these twelve incarnations. In the first episode of Death’s Game, this marks the start of Lee Ji-Su’s captivating twelve reincarnations.

Part One of Death’s Game is available for viewing on TVING and Prime Video.

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