Coupang Play has confirmed production on Family Plan (literal title) and has finalized its main cast featuring Park Solomon.


Family Plan revolves around a group of people with special abilities who disguise themselves as a family to survive while facing off against evil criminals.

Bae Doona plays Han Young Soo, a loving mother with special powers, while Ryu Seung Beom plays Baek Cheol Hee, a somewhat shy man who hides his powers but is a loving husband to his wife.

Baek Yoon Sik as Baek Kang Sung, a cranky but loving grandfather who cares deeply about his family. Park Solomon is Baek Ji Hoon, a kind and gentle son, and Lee Soo is Baek Ji Woo, the sassy and sensitive 17-year-old daughter.

Family Plan began filming in late December 2023 and is scheduled for release on Coupang Play later this year.

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