tvN’s Monday drama “Marry My Husband,” which premiered on January 1, aroused enthusiastic reactions from viewers as it featured the story of Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) returning 10 years in the past after dying due to his betrayal. her best friend and husband. Thanks to its rapid development and the passionate performances of the actors, the drama not only secured a large amount of domestic viewers by recording the highest viewership rating of 7.4% after airing just two episodes, but also went viral abroad.

According to FlixPatrol, “Marry My Husband” rose to the TOP 3 global TV shows on Amazon Prime on January 4 after the release of episodes 1 and 2, showing unusual popularity since its first broadcast. The drama also reached TOP 10 in 59 countries, including Australia, Japan, India, etc., TOP 5 in 40 countries and TOP 3 in 37 countries. Ranked first in the top five Southeast Asian countries, “Marry My Husband” proved the capability of Korean content, raising high expectations for the upcoming episodes.

Furthermore, the drama also reached number one on content community Kinolights’ daily rankings on January 4.

In the last episode, Kang Ji Won prepared a small punishment for his enemies Park Min Hwan, Jung Soo Min and his boss Kim Kyung Wook, who destroyed his life. As Yoo Ji Hyuk (Na In Woo) and his co-workers Yang Joo Ran and Yoo Hee Yeon grow closer to Kang Ji Won, viewers are curious to know whether Kang Ji Won will be able to change his destiny.

Episode 3, which features Park Min Young’s counterattack, will air at 8:50 pm on the 8th.

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