JTBC’s “Doctor Slump” revealed new photos ahead of its premiere!

JTBC’s “Doctor Slump” revealed new photos ahead of its premiere!
“Doctor Slump” is a romantic comedy about two former rivals who reunite and unexpectedly become each other’s light during the darkest period of their lives. Park Hyung Sik will star as Yeo Jung Woo, a famous plastic surgeon whose prosperous career suddenly falls into jeopardy due to a strange medical accident, while Park Shin Hye will play Nam Ha Neul, an anesthesiologist who suffers from burnout syndrome.

Although Yeo Jung Woo has had a peaceful life from his school days as the number 1 student to his time as a famous doctor, he is suddenly pushed to the edge of a cliff due to a mysterious medical malpractice accident.

In the newly released photo, Yeo Jung Woo attracts attention with his gentle smile while wearing a doctor’s coat. As the head of a plastic surgery clinic, he is an impeccable individual who captivates both patients and staff, as well as the general public, with his handsome face, great manners, and exceptional skills.

While one still shows Yeo Jung Woo glowing dazzlingly as he receives an award at his college’s alumni reunion, another photo depicts him being investigated by the police with a serious expression, making viewers wonder what caused his life to turn upside down. down.

On why I chose “Doctor Slump.” Park Hyung Sik shared, “The theme of falling into a crisis resonated deeply with me personally. I am aware that many people experience burnout and fall into a slump while living fiercely in this fast-paced reality. I was like that too, and I think that’s something anyone can experience once in their life, so it was also bitter. I thought this is a project that viewers can relate to and feel comforted by telling the story in a refreshing yet profound way.”

Park Hyung Sik further elaborated on his character: “He was born as the son of a family of successful doctors and lived a life that anyone would be envious of after following an elite path to become a plastic surgeon. When faced with an unexpected situation, he falls for the first time into the worst crisis of his life. I felt it was important to properly portray Jung Woo gradually overcoming this crisis through an optimistic mindset and the sincere support of those around him.”

“Doctor Slump” will premiere on January 27 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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