Adim Farah Episode 24 Synopsis

Adim Farah Turkish Series

Farah is reunited with her mother, whom she believed to be dead for years. Along with this happiness, he will also experience deep bitterness due to parting with his son. While Perihan wants to start over with his daughter Gonul, Orhan appears in an unexpected way. Mehmet, who wants to take revenge for …

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Kubra Turkish Series on Netflix

kubra turkish series

Kubra is a Turkish series by Ogm Pictures consisting of 8 episodes, which will be released soon on Netflix . The series is an adaptation of a novel by Afşin Kum , the author of “Sıcak Kafa”, and stars Cagatay Ulusoy and Busra Develi . Kubra Turkish Series on Netflix Form Name: Kubra Genre:  Drama Episodes: 8 Season:  1 Channel: Netflix Original language:  Turkish Rating: Year …

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Aska Dusman Turkish Series: Plot, Episodes

Aska Dusman Turkish Series

Aska Dusman in English “Enemy of Love” is a Turkish drama series broadcast on the TV8 channel. Aska Dusman Turkish Series Form Name: Aska Dusman Genre:  Drama Episodes: Season: Channel: Tv8 Original language:  Turkish Rating: Year of production:  2023/2024 Production company: Acun Medya Main actors: Buse Meral and Cem Yigit Uzümoglu Plot Love is nature’s greatest gift to …

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Arak Turkish TV Series: Storyline, Episodes

Arak Turkish TV Series

The Turkish television series Arak will shortly air on Show TV. Arak Turkish Series Form Name: Arak Genre:  Drama Episodes: Season: Channel: ShowTv Source language:  Turkish Rating: Year of production:  2023/2024 Production company: Main actors: Ilker Kaleli and Öykü Karayel Plot In 1998, Elif Çınar, the wife of Rauf Çınar, one of the country’s most prominent …

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Kurulus Osman Episode 140 English Sub

Kurulus Osman

Osman-bey saved the Yakup-beys from Karacelyasun. Osman Bey tells Yakup Bey that his concern is the cause of Islam. What will Yakup Bey do about this outburst? Karacelasun is determined to get revenge. He has a new plan against Osman-bey. Osman-bey puts Orhan-bey in charge. Will Orhan Bey succeed in defeating Karacelasun? Gonje Hatun’s …

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