Lin Xi, known as the “witch” in the translation industry, meets her ex-boyfriend Xia Yi Cheng. Eight years ago, she broke up with him to fulfill her mother’s wish to become a professional interpreter for the United Nations. Eight years later, Lin Xi has become Huasheng’s youngest chief interpreter, while her ex, Xiao Yi Cheng, has become the chief technology officer of a communications company, which also makes him her potential client. To get a contract with Xiao Yi Cheng, Lin Xi has no choice but to continue negotiating with him.

Our Interpreter Cast, Plot and Trailer

 She helps his company go public, and although it seems like Xiao Yi Cheng wants revenge on Lin Xi, he actually doesn’t have the courage to be mean to her. The job rekindles their passionate relationship, and Xiao Yi Cheng gradually begins to understand why she broke up with him. Together, they work hard to fulfill their dream of “speaking for the country.”


Original Title: 我们的翻译官
Aired: January 8th to ?? 2024
Episodes: 36
Network: Mango TV
Release year: 2024
Country: China
Genre: Business, Romance, Life, Drama
Rating: Not yet rated


    • Song Qian  as Lin Xi
    • Chen Xing Xu as Xiao Yicheng
    • Fei Qi Ming  as Cheng Yao
    • Wang Sen  as Wei Tian
    • Lin Zi Lu  as Tan Shasha
    • Yu Sha Sha  as Tong Xin
    • Wu Yan Shu  as Li Qiuyi



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