Onur Saylak’s fans have always admired his performance in the TV series in which he starred.

Onur Saylak – Return to TV screens and a series that promises a lot!

It is really not necessary to remind again what the great actor has achieved in his career so far.

As an actor and director, Onur Saylak is one of the names that works to reveal different aspects of his profession and masterfully portray roles that require intense effort.

For those who want to watch Onur Saylak again in television series, we remind you that the series Gaddar | Merciless .

Of course, in addition to two young and intrusive names such as Cagatay Ulusoy and Sumeyye Aydogan, there are also very important actors.

Good team

Onur Saylak , who took on a very important role in the project, is one of the experienced actors of the series and an example for young people.

The series called Gaddar, which includes actors such as Erdal Ozyagcilar, Lacin Ceylan, Hakan Salinmis, Muge Bayramoglu, Deniz Ozerman, Neslihan Yeldan, Fatih Berk Sahin, Aytek Sayan, seems to be attracting attention with its story.

The fact that Onur Saylak included television series among his intensive work in cinema was something that his fans were waiting for.

Saylak, whom we last saw on the television screen in 2020 in the TV series Babil, after a long time chose a production called Gaddar, in which action and drama intertwine.

Of course, Onur, whose talents delight his fans, seems to give new surprises to his fans with his new role.

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