Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Love Song for Illusion is a historical fantasy romance drama that follows both the pulsating love story and fierce obsession of a man with two contrasting personalities and the woman who loves him Tvserial24.

Love Song for Illusion is a collaboration between writer Yoon Kyung Ah of “Perfect Wife” and “Moments of 18” and director Lee Jung Sup of “Dali and Cocky Prince,” “Queen for Seven Days” and “Healer.”

Love Song for Illusion kdrama Cast

Love Song for Illusion kdrama

Park Ji Hoon has the dual role of Crown Prince Sajo Hyun and his alter ego Ak Hee. Handsome and intelligent, Sajo Hyun is a character who uses his innate artistic sense to work as a stylist in a downtown boutique, hiding his identity as a crown prince. He has a wound deep in his heart since childhood due to his oppressive father Sajo Seung.

Ak Hee, on the other hand, is a charming character who can easily attract others, but is cursed to feel extreme pain when coming into physical contact with other people.

Sajo Hyun is a sincere and deliberate character, while Ak Hee is a romantic man who sacrifices his life for love. Even though he sometimes acts childish, Ak Hee shows his sincerity.

Not only do Crown Prince Sajo Hyun and his alter ego Ak Hee coexist in the same body, but they also have a conflicted relationship as they fight for the love of a woman named Yeon Wol.

Love Song for Illusion kdrama

Hong Ye Ji is Yeon Wol, who lives a life full of twists and turns, going from assassin to concubine. Yeon Wol is the royal descendant of the fallen Yeon Dynasty and the only daughter of Yeon Poong Hak. Yeon Wol hides her identity and becomes the assassin Gye Ra to avenge her family, but she unknowingly ends up becoming the crown prince’s concubine.

Love Song for Illusion kdrama

Ji Woo as Geum Hwa, the ambitious and greedy wife of Crown Prince Sajo Hyun. Geum Hwa is a complicated character with both good and evil within her, but when it comes to fulfilling her desires, she will resort to any means necessary to get what she wants.

When Yeon Wol, who one day loses her memory and becomes the prince’s concubine, develops feelings for him, Geum Hwa turns evil when her place is threatened. The two women end up embroiled in a fierce battle for power within the palace.

Love Song for Illusion kdrama

Hwang Hee as Sajo Yung, Sajo Hyun’s half-brother born to the king’s concubine. Despite earning recognition within the palace for his admirable character, Sajo Yung hides dark ambitions hidden beneath his outward appearance.

With each of them hiding secrets, a gripping conflict unfolds between the two brothers as they vie for the throne.

Love Song for Illusion kdrama

Han Eun Sung as Ji Jeon Seo, a pure-hearted royal bodyguard who has been in love with Geun Hwa since childhood. About her He takes on the role of the crown prince’s bodyguard, dedicated to carrying out Geum Hwa’s plan and even ready to sacrifice his life for her.


Drama: Love Song for Illusion (English title) / Fantasy Sonata (literal title)

Network: KBS2


From: January 2, 2024 —

Every: Monday and Tuesday 9.50pm

Love Song for Illusion Plot

The story follows Crown Prince Sado Hyun (Park Ji-hoon). He is an artistic and sensitive soul who works like an anonymous stylist. But his double life isn’t his only secret: another personality named Ak-hee lives in his head. Ak-hee is everything Hyun isn’t: charming, seductive, and with the caveat that every time she touches someone she feels extreme pain. While the two have a tentative agreement to take turns using Hyun’s body for three days at a time, it’s difficult to walk a tightrope when they both fall in love with the same girl.

Said girl is Yeon Wol (Hong Ye-ji), heir to the fallen Yeon Dynasty. After her entire family was executed by the king on charges of treason, she swore revenge as a child and joined a group of assassins under the new name Gye-ra. However, after her climactic plan to kill the king goes awry, she one day wakes up as Hyun’s concubine with no memory of who she is.

Although she seems to have no idea how she ended up becoming a concubine, it seems that people in the palace know about Gye-ra and her past as an assassin

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