The upcoming Disney Plus original series Royal Roader, starring Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young and Hong Suzu, has confirmed its release in February.


The series is a story of minor leaguers vying for the throne of South Korea’s leading conglomerate, filled with characters filled with the desire to have, become and steal. The casting of Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young, and Hong Suzu in these roles attracted significant attention.

The star of the Alchemy of Souls series Lee Jae Wook and Han Tae Oh, a cold-blooded and dignified character.

Lee Jun Young , who has demonstrated versatility in films such as Brave Citizen, Love and Leashes, drama Mask Girl, DP and musicals, will play the role of Kang In Ha, a complex character who embodies both good and evil.

Hong Suzu , who made her presence felt in Sweet Home 2 and Lovestruck in the City, takes on the role of Na Hye Won, challenging herself with a character transformation unlike any she’s played before.

Royal Roader will be available on Disney Plus next February.

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