Osman-bey saved the Yakup-beys from Karacelyasun. Osman Bey tells Yakup Bey that his concern is the cause of Islam. What will Yakup Bey do about this outburst? Karacelasun is determined to get revenge.

Kurulus Osman

He has a new plan against Osman-bey. Osman-bey puts Orhan-bey in charge. Will Orhan Bey succeed in defeating Karacelasun? Gonje Hatun’s condition worsened even more. Alaeddin and Mehmet went in search of a cure.

As they seek healing, they encounter Crusader soldiers. What will Mehmet and Alaeddin do now? Yakup Bey became aware of Gondza’s situation. He says that if something happens to him, both Mongol and Kayı will be responsible. The injured who were poisoned at Uč Pazar are dying one by one.

Alaeddin Bey continues to try to heal. But nothing brings any profit, he is in despair. Will Alaeddin Bey find a cure? Cerkutay hugged his son in pain. Ülgen Hatun is also miserable. Will the tiny body of the Cerkutaya child be able to resist this poison?

Gonca relays everything he hears to his mother. Orhan now stands more decisively against his mother.

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