Kubra is a Turkish series by Ogm Pictures consisting of 8 episodes, which will be released soon on Netflix .

The series is an adaptation of a novel by Afşin Kum , the author of “Sıcak Kafa”, and stars Cagatay Ulusoy and Busra Develi .

Kubra Turkish Series on Netflix

kubra turkish series


Name: Kubra
Genre:  Drama
Episodes: 8
Season:  1
Channel: Netflix
Original language:  Turkish
Year of production:  2023
Production company: Omg Pictures
Main actors: Cagatay Ulusoy and Busra Develi

Kubra plot

Gökhan Shahinoglu works very hard in a machine shop, and is the apple of his teacher’s eye in the workshop.

He divides his remaining time outside of work between football and his girlfriend, with whom he constantly argues and later reconciles.

He is also known in the neighborhood where he lives as respectful, honest and mature.

One day, he receives a message on his phone from a user called “Kubra” via the virtual friend application he has been using for a while.

Initially he doesn’t give it much importance, but as the number of messages increases, his curiosity increases, especially because “Kubra” knows a lot about “Gökhan” and everyone close to him.

Cast and main characters

  • Cagatay Ulusoy
  • Busra Develi

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