Set in the Joseon era, Knight Flower kdrama is an action comedy-drama starring Honey Lee as Jo Yeo Hwa, a woman who has lived a quiet and modest life as a virtuous widow by day for 15 years. However, she secretly leads a double life: at night, she valiantly sneaks out to help those in need.

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Knight Flower

Directed by the PD trio of Jang Tae-yoo (Lovers of the Red Sky), Choi Jung-in (On the Verge of Insanity)

Knight Flower kdrama Cast

Knight-Flower kdrama

Honey Lee is our unconventional heroine Jo Yeo-hwa, who comes up against the suffocating rule that a widow must not venture beyond the walls of her home. Even though it’s been more than a decade since her husband died, Yeo-hwa must play the part of a dutiful daughter-in-law, taking care of household chores and playing a tune on freshly washed fabrics.

Under the cover of darkness, however, she is freed from her chains. Flying through the sky, illuminated by the luminescent light of the moon, the masked Yeo-hwa is as fast as a breeze. Not only does she scale walls and run across rooftops with ease, she also takes down a room of men without breaking a sweat.


Lee Jong Won as Park Soo Ho, a military officer with a sharp mind and exceptional fighting skills. In addition to these strengths, he also has a kind personality and honest character.

Park Soo Ho loses his father and mother to assassins at a young age, but is saved by Park Yoon Hak and becomes part of his family. Park Yoon Hak, who becomes like an older brother to Park Soo Ho, has a cold outward demeanor while in reality he is warm and caring. He is seemingly indifferent, but cares for Park Soo Ho’s well-being.

In contrast to Su-ho’s rigidity, Yeo-hwa’s courage to risk her life to fight every night shakes the foundations of our cautious officer’s life. Intrigued by his daring escapades, Su-ho soon finds himself inexplicably attracted to Yeo-hwa, the flower that blooms in the night.


Lee Ki Woo plays Park Yoon Hak, who studied and grew up with King Yi So (Heo Jung Do) from an early age. As the king’s close friend and loyal subject, Park Yoon Hak fulfills his responsibilities and helps King Yi So secretly alongside him.


Park Se Hyun as Yeon Sun, Jo Yeo Hwa’s trusted attendant and close friend. While Jo Yeo Hwa is constantly dealing with all sorts of problems, Yeon Sun is always busy taking care of her despite her young age. Since the two are even closer than a family, they connect so well that they can communicate just by looking at each other in the eyes. As a result, Yeon Sun plays an essential role in Jo Yeo Hwa’s action-packed double life as a masked swordswoman.


Knight-Flower kdrama

Drama: Knight Flower / Night Blooming Flower (literal title)

Network: MBC


From: January 12, 2024 —

Every: Friday and Saturday 9.50pm

Knight Flower drama Plot

Jo Yeo-Hwa (Lee Ha-Nee) has been a widow for 15 years. Her in-laws are the most prestigious noble family in the area. During the day she lives peacefully at home and never goes out. But, during the night, she Jo Yeo-Hwa secretly jumps over the boundary wall and takes care of people who need help. Meanwhile, she gets involved with Park Soo-Ho and begins to dream of her future. Meanwhile, Park Soo-Ho is a senior officer. He is good at his job and has an attractive appearance.

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