Abdullah’s efforts to leave without incident will backfire and he will become even more hostile towards Alev. He swore to keep Aleva and everyone around him away from his own family. Nilay will be his greatest helper in this respect.

Ömer confesses to Kıvılcı why he broke up with her. However, Kıvılcım does not accept this recognition. She does not forgive Ömer for making the decision on her behalf and decides to continue her relationship with Ertuğrul.

Rüzgar and Pemba’s friendship develops day by day. Pembe was very pleased when Rüzgar introduced Pembe as the guest of honor, who attended the canal’s New Year’s party with her whole family.

It is the final straw for Doğa, who understands Pemba’s efforts to find a girlfriend for Fatih. Doga openly declares war on Pemba.

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