The sixth month of Aliza and Serkan’s marriage has passed. Serkan plans a honeymoon to be alone with Aliza. On the other hand, Alize has strong reasons not to go on that honeymoon and not to be alone with Serkan. He shares these reasons only with his Son.

Sinem, who has started to cause problems with Alize as before, gives her some advice of her own, but Alize remains unconvinced and puts her own plan into action. A big surprise awaits Serkan in Šapanča.

However, on the other hand, there is someone else who has completely different plans for the married couple Alize-Serkan. Mesut has implicated Yeliz in breaking our marriage and is asking her to take a big step to break this marriage.

Yeliz makes an unexpected move and dives right into the center of our couple’s life. But there is someone else who is aware of his games. So even though we didn’t see what Alize did to Yelize, we did see that they didn’t break up. Serap and Bilge got engaged.

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