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Kdrama January 2024

Marry My Husband (January 1)

Marry My Husband 2.png
kdrama January 2024

Park Min Young is making a comeback with a reincarnation drama that has recently become a popular genre. Park Min Young lost up to 37 kilograms (74 pounds) to portray a terminally ill patient hurt by her husband’s infidelity.

Based on a web novel, in Marry My Husband Park Min-young plays the hapless and terminally ill heroine Kang Ji-won, who has just witnessed her husband Park Min-hwan and her best friend Jung Soo-min having an affair. Played by Lee Yi-kyung and Song Ha-yoon these adulterers have not a single iota of shame. In the ensuing brawl, Min-hwan ends up killing Ji-won. Fate, however, decides to show mercy and transports Ji-won ten years back, giving her the chance to start a new life.

Teased by the people she loved most, Ji-won is determined to change her destiny and take revenge.

Marry My Husband will premiere on Amazon Prime Video .

Love Song for Illusion (January 2)

Love Song for Illusion
kdrama January 2024

Park Ji Hoon will star in a highly anticipated period drama after Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. Based on the webtoon of the same name, Love Song for Illusion explores a fantasy love story about a woman who loves a man with a split personality.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Love Song for Illusion is a fantasy romance drama that follows Crown Prince Sado Hyun (Park Ji-hoon). Sado Hyun is an artistic and sensitive soul who works as an anonymous fashion designer. But his double life isn’t his only secret: another personality named Ak-hee lives in his head. Ak-hee is everything Hyun isn’t: charming, seductive, and with the caveat that every time she touches someone she feels extreme pain. While the two have a tentative agreement to take turns using Hyun’s body for three days at a time, it’s difficult to walk a tightrope when they both fall in love with the same girl.

Said girl is Yeon Wol (Hong Ye-ji), heir to the fallen Yeon Dynasty. After her entire family was executed by the king on charges of treason, she swore revenge as a child and joined a group of assassins under the new name Gye-ra. However, after her climactic plan to kill the king goes awry, she one day wakes up as Hyun’s concubine with no memory of who she is.

Although she seems to have no idea how she ended up becoming a concubine, it seems that people in the palace know about Gye-ra and her past as an assassin

Knight Flower (January 12)

kdrama January 2024
kdrama January 2024

MBC will air another period drama, hoping to continue its reign in the Friday and Saturday evening slot in 2024 following the unexpected success of My Dearest and The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract. Starring Lee Ha Nee, Knight Flower is a hilarious action comedy series. She will play Jo Yeo Hwa, the female version of Hong Gil Dong (Korean Robin Hood). It tells the story of a widow living a double life and a member of the Capital Garrison.

Jo Yeo Hwa, is the widowed daughter-in-law of the best noble family in Joseon. During the day, she is a modest woman, but at night she climbs over the wall to help those in need.

A Shop for Killers (January 17)

A Shop for Killers
kdrama January 2024


Disney Plus will kick off 2024 with its new action mystery drama, A Shop for Killers, starring Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Jun. Will A Shop for Killers be able to replicate the success of the platform’s latest productions such as Moving, The Worst of Evil and Vigilante?

A Shop For Killers is an action drama that follows the story of a girl who lives with her uncle, who runs a shopping mall, after the death of her parents. However, she faces new truths after the sudden death of her uncle.

Lee Dong Wook as Uncle Jung Jin, who secretly runs a suspicious shopping mall and takes care of his niece who lost her parents

Kim Hye Joon is his niece Jung Ji An, who lost her parents and grew up under her amazing uncle

LTNS (January 19)

kdrama January 2024

LTNS, which screened at the Busan International Film Festival, will become the first TVING original series to air in 2024. LTNS tells the story of a married couple (played by Esom and Ahn Jae Hong) who find themselves in financial trouble and decide to blackmail an adulterous couple for money.

 But as they go down this road, they end up facing problems in their relationship. The drama received praise at the 2023 Busan International Film Festival for its honest dialogue and relatable plot. Co-directed by Microhabitat’s Jeon Go Woon and Moonlit Winter’s Lim Dae Hyung, the new series stars Esom and Ahn Jae Hong as figures central.

The Bequeathed (January 19)

The Bequeathed
kdrama January 2024

Written and planned by Yeon Sang Ho, known for the Netflix series Hellbound and the film Train to Busan, The Bequeathed is gaining attention as a highly anticipated project. The series tells the story of the mysterious events in a small town following the legacy of a forgotten ancestral land after the death of a distant uncle.

Kim Hyun Joo as Yoon Seo Ha a character who gets involved in a disturbing accident while inheriting the seonsan after the sudden death of his uncle.

Park Hee Soon is Choi Sung Joon, a detective with a keen sense of investigation. Her intuition tells him that the series of disturbing events occurring in the city are linked to the legacy of the seonsan and she begins to dig into the case.

Park Byung Eun as Park Sang Min, a team leader and junior colleague of Sung Joon. Due to an incident in the past, Park Sang Min holds a grudge against Choi Sung Joon and is possessed by feelings of inferiority and jealousy.

Ryu Kyung Soo as Kim Young Ho, Yoon Seo Ha’s half-brother. Kim Young Ho suddenly appears in front of Yoon Seo Ha and throws her into confusion, creating suffocating tension throughout the story.

Captivating the King (January 21)

Captivating the King
kdrama January 2024

Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung together in a new melodramatic series. Captivating the King describes the tragic fate of the King, who holds a prestigious position but has a humble heart, and a woman who becomes a spy to take him down.

Captivating the King weaves a ruthless love story between King Yi In, caught between royal power struggles and political machinations, and the spy Kang Hee Si, who initially attempts to seduce the king out of revenge, but ends up being seduced herself .

Jo Jung Suk makes a triumphant return to the small screen nearly three years after his last appearance in the 2021 drama Hospital Playlist Season 2. Shin Se Kyung has a notable history of historical drama roles, including Deep Rooted Tree, Six Flying Dragons, and Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

Flex X Cop (January 26)

Flex X Cop
kdrama January 2024

Will SBS be able to take back the top spot among Friday-Saturday dramas in 2024? Starring Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun, Flex It remains interesting to see whether FlexxCop will continue its streak, given its unique setting, following other justice-themed dramas such as The Fiery Priest, One Dollar Lawyer, Taxi Driver and One the Woman.

Ahn Bo Hyun as Jin Yi Soo, a childish and carefree chaebol who loves to have fun. He is a chaebol capturing chaebol, using not only his family’s immense wealth and connections, but also his brilliant cognitive abilities and the various skills he has acquired through his playful lifestyle to root out criminals.

Park Ji Hyun as Lee Kang Hyun, an investigative enthusiast and the first female team leader in the violent crimes unit. Lee Kang Hyun is a seasoned veteran detective who is fiercely dedicated to catching criminals. However, life as a detective encounters a significant turning point when he reluctantly teams up with Jin Yi Soo, a thorn in his side, radically changing his career trajectory.

Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun previously showed off their on-screen chemistry in the drama Yumi’s Cells as “fake” friends.

Doctor Slump (January 27)

Doctor Slump
kdrama January 2024

Doctor Slump” is a romantic comedy that follows the story of Yeo Jung Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and Nam Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye) as they try to revive their lives when they fall into a crisis after following only successful paths. The two rivals who hate each other will reunite in the darkest time of their lives and become each other’s light, offering smiles, excitement and heartwarming comfort along the way. Filled with laughter and excitement, Doctor Slump shows how two old rivals end up supporting each other through tough times.

“Doctor Slump” will also mark the reunion of Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye in a drama for the first time in 10 years since their hit project “Heirs.”

Park Hyung Sik is Yeo Jung Woo, a star plastic surgeon who falls into the biggest crisis of his life. Having been the best student in his entire school, Yeo Jung Woo attended the best medical school, and became a stellar doctor with great skills and exceptional character. However, he is pushed to the limit following a mysterious medical accident.

Park Shin Hye plays anesthesiologist Nam Ha Neul who is experiencing burnout syndrome. Having been called a genius from a young age, she lived her life immersed in her studies. Even as an adult, she is a workaholic, living a life without fun and without knowing how to do anything other than study and work. However, she suddenly decides to change one day as she looks back at her broken life.

Yoon Bak plays plastic surgeon Bin Dae Young who is both pretentious and pitiful. He has a one-sided sense of rivalry with Yeo Jung Woo but despite this he is also a figure who understands Yeo Jung Woo better than anyone else. The two attended the same college, but. Although he is arrogant and has a strong sense of pride, you can’t hate him as he shows his sincere yet clear-headed personality.

Gong Sung Ha , is the best friend of Nam Ha Neul and OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) anesthesiologist Lee Hong Ran. She has been with Nam Ha Neul since his college days. She strangely intertwines with Bin Dae Young, who is similar to her despite her obvious differences.

Queen of Divorce (January 31)

Queen of Divorce
kdrama January 2024

Queen of Divorce is a drama that has the solution to punish “bad spouses”, with Korea’s biggest divorce problem solver putting an end to their clients’ problematic marriage lives.

Lee Ji Ah is Sa Ra, the team leader of the divorce company Solution. Kim Sa Ra was the daughter-in-law of the family behind the best law firm in Korea, but she lost everything one night after being stabbed in the back by her husband. Subsequently, she turns into a divorce problem solver who provides the perfect tailor-made solution to those who have been wronged and want to punish their bad spouses.

Kang Ki Young as Dong Ki Joon Kim Sa Ra’s business partner and Solution’s consultant. During his time as a prosecutor, Dong Ki Joon displayed an extraordinary sense of perseverance and intuition to the point that he earned the nickname “Shepherd”. He had the highest prosecution rate in the Southwestern District Attorney’s office, but due to some reason, he resigns from his position, sparking curiosity about his history.

As the two solve cases together one by one, Kim Sa Ra and Dong Ki Joon gradually grow closer, creating romantic tension together

Kdrama January 2024

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