Jung So Min and Jung Hae In will star in a new romantic comedy together!

On January 3, Jung So Min was confirmed to join the cast of “Mom’s Friend’s Son” (literal title) along with Jung Hae In, who was confirmed to play the male lead in early December.

“Mom’s Friend’s Son” is a new romantic comedy drama about a woman named Bae Seok Ryu, who tries to restart her troubled life, and her mother’s friend’s son, Choi Seung Hyo, which is marked as the dark chapter in Mom’s Friend’s Son. Bae Seok Ryu. The drama will be directed by director Yoo Je Won and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” writer Shin Ha Eun.

Jung So Min will play the role of Bae Seok Ryu, who wants to restart his life. Honest and overflowing with energy, successful Bae Seok Ryu is a perfect daughter that parents love to praise. While climbing the ladder to success as a project manager for a large global company, one day Bae Seok Ryu suddenly broke down.

Regarding her upcoming role, Jung So Min commented: “It’s an honor to be in a project that I identify with and that warms my heart. I’m even more excited because I enjoyed watching the writer’s [other] projects. As my second project with the director based on trust, I will greet the viewers with a good performance.”

Furthermore, as previously announced, Jung Hae In will play the role of the son of Bae Seok Ryu’s mother’s friend, Choi Seung Hyo, who is the head of the architecture studio, he is one of the most notable young architects in the Korean architecture industry. . In addition to having great skills, Choi Seung Hyo is handsome and has the perfect personality.

Are you excited for this upcoming romantic comedy? Stay tuned for more updates!

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