Florist Xu Nuo (Sun Yi) is tired of a decade of unsuccessful romance. Her life seems to have come to a standstill, but her family wants her to marry a man she has no feelings for. Her path crosses with that of Zhao Jin (Zhang Wan Yi), a veterinarian who is also at a crossroads in life. He is burdened with responsibilities towards his family. Fate also seems interested in pushing him towards marriage.

I Know I Love You

With suitable candidates being selected for them, it seems bad luck has struck them—Xu Nuo and Zhao Jin begin to feel the irresistible pull of love. In their desperation, they wonder if they can simply remain platonic friends. But being close to Zhao Jin helps heal Xu Nuo’s emotional scars. And for Zhao Jin, being with Xu Nuo brings her a sense of happiness that she has never experienced before. However, social pressures are beginning to increase — and the time to evaluate attractions is approaching…


Original Title: 我知道我爱你
Aired: December 25 to January 10, 2024
Episodes: 24
Network: Tencent Video
Release year: 2023
Country: China
Genre: Life, Romance
Rating: Not yet rated


  • Zhang Wan Yi  as Zhao Jin
  • Sun Yi  as Xu Nuo
  • Yuan Wen Kang  as Peng Yu’an
  • Wu You  as Shi Ran
  • Yin Zhi Xuan  as Xu Yang
  • Li Le  as Da Hao
  • Gu Yu Han  as Zhao Qin
  • Wang Yue Xi  as Tian Muchu
  • Ma Yin Yin  as Cong Shan
  • Tian Miao  as Xu Ruonan
  • Ma Dong Yan  as Ren Jun
  • Wang Da Yu  as Zhao Youzhi
  • Zhang Gong  as Peng Guobin
  • Zhou Xian Xin  as Zhao Jin’s mother
  • Ma Jun  as Cong Lin


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