Bushiroad Games together with Eighting (DNF Duel) have revealed the title and a trailer for the previously announced fighting game based on Yoshihiro Togashi ‘s Hunter X Hunter manga.


The game is titled Hunter X Hunter Nen x Impact . In the video below, Gon and Killua decide to have a duel, but Killua says that a normal fight is boring, so they should have a team battle.


Frightening monsters, exotic creatures, vast riches, mysterious treasures, vile lands and unexplored lands… Gon sets out on an adventure to become a professional hunter who risks his own life in search of the unknown. Along the way, he meets other participants in the Hunters’ Trial: Kurapika, Leorio and Killua. Will Gon be able to overcome the great challenges of the Hunter Trial and become the best in the world?

Togashi launched the manga in Shueisha ‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1998. The manga inspired two anime series, two films, and several plays. Shueisha published the manga’s 37th volume, the first volume after four years, in November 2022.

The author revealed in March that chapter 401 of the series was completed, although he did not confirm when the series would return to serialization.

The manga went on hiatus in January 2023, citing the author’s health issues. Shueisha stated at the time that it consulted Togashi and decided that the manga should not follow a weekly serialization format in the future.

Lastly, the editorial department added that once they know the concrete details of the manga’s return and how the manga will be serialized in the future, they will reveal the details in the magazine.

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