Kizil Goncalar, Which managed to make its mark with its first episode on the agenda, is about intersecting life stories Tvserial24. A modern family on one side and sect members on the other. So what will happen in the second episode of Kizil Goncalar (Red Roses)? What happened in the first episode? Here are all the details about the Kizil Goncalar series.

Kizil Goncalar Episode 2

Kizil Goncalar, which has left its mark on the agenda since its first episode, deals with the merging of two different lives. This series, in which Özgü Namal returned to the screens after a long time, is among the productions that left its mark on the recent period. Kizil Goncalar, whose first episode was aired recently, will be on Fox TV screens with its new episode on Monday at 20:00. So what happened in the first episode of Kizil Goncalar?


In the first episode of the Kizil Goncalar series, the episodes in which Beste frequently told her husband Levent that she could not be with her child attracted a lot of attention. Beste, who constantly complains about Mira, asks, “Isn’t Mira Beste’s child?” While we raised the questions, the facts began to be revealed one by one towards the end of the section. While Beste’s request for Meryem at his home before leaving raised the question of whether Mira was Meryem’s child or not, the images published towards the end of the episode revealed that Mira was Meryem’s child.

While the trio Cüneyt, Beste and Mira live a completely different life, Meryem tries to continue her life in a completely different life. Representing a family affected by the earthquake, Meryem and her family come to Istanbul to live with the opportunities provided by the sect they belong to, as they have no place to stay after the earthquake that affected the whole country. But of course, Meryem is unaware at first that her daughter wants to marry Cüneyt.

As noticed in the series, Cüneyt and Levent’s paths intersect in the first place. While Levent tries to help Cuneyt as a psychiatrist doctor, the members of the sect do not accept this at first. However, Cüneyt’s serious condition and his attempt to kill someone else cause Cüneyt and Levent to be reunited. Of course, they are not the only duo that intersects in the series. Towards the end of the first episode of the series, when Beste leaves the house and Meryem accepts the job, Meryem, Levent, Mira and Meryem’s daughter come face to face. When will Meryem, who has come to work at Levent’s house, realize that she is Mira’s daughter? A matter of great curiosity… So what will happen in the second episode of the series? Here are the details of Kizil Goncalar episode 2.

What Will Happen in Kizil Goncalar Episode 2?

In the first episode of the series, Meryem, who started working in the pastry shop of a member of the sect before Levent’s house, had to fight with the pastry shop and quit her job due to the fake product ingredients used in making water pastries. In the second part, Cüneyt takes control of the situation and states that the pastry chef is wrong and gives the necessary punishment within the sect.

On the Mira front, things are much more complicated. Mira, who is very fond of her mother, cannot accept her mother leaving and throws a huge nervous breakdown by telling her father that her mother left the house because of her. So what will Levent do at this point? Will he be able to calm his daughter Mira? Will Beste return to her home? Or will he completely entrust the house to Meryem and start a new life abroad? A matter of great curiosity. On the other hand, what will Mira’s reaction be when Meryem and Mira come face to face? Will Mira accept Meryem and her daughter being in the house? Towards the end of the trailer released for the second episode of Kizil Goncalar, it was revealed that Mira did not accept Meryem and even expressed her thoughts as if she were disgusted with Meryem. The audience is very curious about the developments in the bilateral relationship between Meryem Mira and Meryem Levent. The breath is already being held for the new episode to be broadcast on Monday.

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