The TVING original series Death’s Game has unveiled its Part 2 trailer, piquing curiosity with the promise of closely linked connections between 12 instances of death Tvserial24.

Part 1 showed the struggles of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk), who is suffering punishment from Death (Park So Dam) for making an unforgivable choice Tvserial24. The final episode of Part 1, Episode 4 revealed that Choi Yi Jae’s seven deaths were linked to Park Tae Woo (Kim Ji Hoon), the CEO of Taegang Group, leaving everyone stunned. The unexpected arrival of Death and Choi Yi Jae’s subsequent challenge against the transcendent entity of Death have increased the anticipation for the next chapter.

The newly released trailer reveals a transformed Choi Yi Jae, who has become aware and awakened to Park Tae Woo’s reality. Convinced of the close connection between Park Tae Woo and Death, Choi Yi Jae sets out to change the pre-established scenario. She decides to reincarnate in the body of the mysterious painter Jung Kyu Cheol (Kim Jae Wook) and kill the devil as a devil.

As Choi Yi Jae’s anger intensifies, those who died begin to reappear and the threat against Park Tae Woo grows stronger. Park Tae Woo, who confidently declared, “ I decide the ending ,” is seen with panic on his face, increasing the tension.

Most intriguingly, the video ends with Jang Gun Woo (Lee Do Hyun), wearing black gloves like Park Tae Woo, chillingly stating, “ A good scenario always has a twist ,” sparking an unpredictable curiosity. Attention is now focused on whether Choi Yi Jae will be in

All episodes of Death’s Game Part 2 will be released on January 5, 2024 and will be available in over 240 countries via Prime Video.

Death’s Game Part 2 With Sub Trailer

Based on the webtoon of the same name, Death’s Game tells the story of a man who gets more than a second chance at life after facing death. Park So Dam will play the role of Death, who condemns a man named Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk) to 12 cycles of life and death just before his first life is about to end.

Death's Game kdrama Amazon Prime
Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

In addition to Seo In Guk and Park So Dam, the drama’s stellar cast includes Kim Ji Hoon, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, Sung Hoon, Kim Kang Hoon, Jang Seung Jo, Lee Jae Wook, Lee Do Hyun, Go Yoon Jung, Kim Jae Wook, Oh Jung Se and more.

Directed by PD Ha Byung-hoon (18 Again, Go Back Wifes), who also wrote the scripts for the drama, the webtoon adaptation Death’s Game

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime Cast

Death's Game kdrama Amazon Prime
Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

Seo In-gook  is Choi Yi-jae who was not born into wealth or privilege. Fed up with seven years of chronic unemployment and penniless due to a recent bitcoin scam, the protagonist has had enough of what he considers to be a pathetic life. Wanting to end his suffering once and for all, he decides to take his own life, but his blasé attitude towards death infuriates the powers that be.

To teach him a lesson, Death decides to subject him to a trial by fire: he will be given twelve more chances of life, but none of these incarnations have long to live. Yi-jae will be forced to suffer death all twelve times, unless he can find a strategy to survive. If he manages to avoid his fatal death in one of those bodies, he will be allowed to live the rest of his life in that body.

Yi-jae thus finds himself in a world of pain as he meets his demise through a variety of harrowing methods. His torment will lead him to remorse and repentance, finding more conviction in his will to live

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

While Death takes the form of a human woman in the drama, Park So Dam ‘s character is anything but human. A mysterious supernatural entity who judges the dead before they fall into hell, Death is unknowable: his age, his powers, and whether he is a god or the devil himself are all shrouded in mystery.

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

Lee Do Hyun as Jang Gun Woo is a handsome model and heartthrob who attracts attention wherever he goes for his dashing appearance. With his ability to turn any location into a runway, Jang Gun Woo has always lived his life surrounded by admirers.

Although he has no particular talents or life goals, Jang Gun Woo’s life has gone smoothly thanks to his handsome face, which has earned him not only a lot of money but also the love of countless women.

But What would you do if you met your ex girlfriend but in a different body? While Yi-jae is occupying Gun-woo’s body as part of her punishment, Ji-soo’s ex-girlfriend walks into the bar where she works. He stares at her, frozen in place, and memories of a happier time than her come back to him.

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

Sung Hoon is extreme sports athlete Song Jae Seob who lives a life of risk-taking

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

Jang Seung Jo as Lee Ju Hoon, a fixer for a secret organization who deals with any request if it comes from a client

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

Lee Jae Wook as Jo Tae Sang, an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter who gave up his dreams at a young age due to his family’s difficult financial situation. While living a life with no particular focus, Jo Tae Sang finds himself in prison, awaiting his release date.

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

Kim Jae Wook is Jung Gyu Cheol, a painter born into an ordinary family but who believes he has extraordinary talent. With his unusual sense of aesthetics, Jung Gyu Cheol is inspired by something he happens to see on the street and captures it on canvas. When the resulting painting is praised internationally as a startling portrait of the cruelty hidden deep within human beings, Jung Gyu Cheol’s artistic career takes off.

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

Choi Siwon is the third generation chaebol Park Jin Tae. Park Jin Tae is the second son of Tae Gang Group, a company founded by his grandfather. Leading a life surrounded by wealth, he embodies the idea that “money can solve everything”. However, despite living what seems like a peaceful life, he has been in constant rivalry with his older brother Park Tae Woo (Kim Ji Hoon) since birth. Realizing that he can only win in life by defeating his brother, Park Jin Tae ignites an ambitious desire to take control of the Tae Gang Group.

Death’s Game Amazon Prime

Kim Kang Hoon is the teenager Kwon Hyuk Soo, whose high school days are hell. Due to his small frame and cautious personality, Kwon Hyuk Soo has become the target of a vicious gang of bullies at his school. In both class and gym, Kwon Hyuk suffers cruel abuse from his tormentors, and neither his teacher nor his classmates have any interest in defending him.

However, just when Kwon Hyuk Soo has made a dangerous decision, Choi Yi Jae unexpectedly wakes up in the teenager’s body. Once he has the mind and soul of an exhausted 31-year-old man inside him, Kwon Hyuk Soo’s nightmarish school life slowly begins to change.

Death’s Game Part 2


Drama: Death’s Game (English title) / Yi-Jae, Will Die Soon (literal title)

Network: TVING – Amazon Prime Video

Episodes: 8

From: 15 December 2023 —

Death’s Game kdrama Amazon Prime

Death’s Game kdrama Plot

Choi Yi-Jae (Seo In-Guk) grew up in a poor family, but had a bright and kind personality. After 7 years of him not being able to find a decent job, he is now full of hopelessness and hopelessness. He decides to end his life with suicide. Choi Yi-Jae thought that everything would end after taking his own life, but, after his death, he faces the being Death (Park So-Dam), who is in front of the gate of Hell. He is given the punishment of experiencing death 12 more times through different bodies. If he wants to avoid going to Hell, he must survive.

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