The popular Turkish actor Cagatay Ulusoy will soon introduce the audience to the series called Gaddar | Relentless on Fox.

Cagatay Ulusoy – The King is back!

Cagatay Ulusoy , who stars in the new TV series with Sumeyye Aydogan, seems to surprise his fans with his tough character.

In the social media environment, Cagatay Ulusoy’s return to the sets is being celebrated with great enthusiasm as he has not been involved in television projects since 2017.

The famous actor, whom we last saw on TV screens as the main role in the action-packed story in the Icerde series, has achieved many effective works with digital projects in the previous period.

Cagatay Ulusoy, who delighted the audience with the digital series The Protector, Yesilcam and Terzi, seems to be returning to the television screen with a very difficult character and will play effectively.

Fans are delighted

The Fox TV series titled Gaddar is about to release and after the first trailer, viewers started commenting on social media. First of all, it seems that fans of Cagatay Ulusoy are very happy with his return to the screens.

In addition, his return to the screen with a difficult character in the TV series Gaddar | Relentless has already caught the interest of many viewers.

Fans of the series, who often comment on ” The King is back “, want the project to be talked about a lot, to get very good ratings and to be long-lasting.

Commenting like “ This series is definitely going to be popular ”, viewers are saying that they want the popular actor to come back on screen like a storm. It will not be surprising if the new series called Gadar gets very good ratings on Fox TV. Here is the trailer of the much talked about series.

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