The legendary Turkish TV series Arka Sokaklar continues to expand its cast.

Burc Kara about his new role and the series

The beautiful actress Burcu Kara joined the TV series Arka Sokaklar a few days ago, which welcomed the new season with new names.

Burcu Kara, who gave a special interview to the manager of Magazine D, Asiye Acar, talked about her process of joining the Arka Sokaklar project and motherhood.

She gave candid statements on many topics, from her perspective on social media to her career.

The hardest character so far

The beautiful actress, who will appear before the audience as Commissioner Sevval in the later episodes of the series, had the following to say about her involvement in the series and her character:

“Arka Sokaklar is a legendary work of Turkey… The producer is a very close friend of mine, the synergy and happiness in the set is very beautiful… At the beginning I thought: ‘Is it possible? Isn’t it possible? Will I be able to work in peace? I thought so. My manager, my husband, they were all very supportive.

I’m glad I accepted. He has very valuable colleagues. Of course, they have been family here for years. They speak a completely different language now. Our set is very calm, happy and very pleasant… I’m having a lot of fun. I hope our viewers will love and appreciate us.

As for Commissioner Sevval, she is a completely different character. I’m emotional, I’m calm, I don’t want to offend anyone. Sevval, on the other hand, is someone who can never tolerate injustice and has no forgiveness… That’s why she’s a very harsh character and one that people are a bit afraid of. I can say that Sevval is my most difficult character so far.”

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