Aska Dusman in English “Enemy of Love” is a Turkish drama series broadcast on the TV8 channel.

Aska Dusman Turkish Series

Aska Dusman Turkish Series


Name: Aska Dusman
Genre:  Drama
Channel: Tv8
Original language:  Turkish
Year of production:  2023/2024
Production company: Acun Medya
Main actors: Buse Meral and Cem Yigit Uzümoglu


Love is nature’s greatest gift to humanity.

While some seek their other half to be complete, others open their hearts to love themselves back through the eyes of the other.

But what if the human becomes the enemy of love?

Uygar is a young surgeon who has closed his heart to love in the shadow of his childhood traumas. Inci instead, she is a young woman who desires love, but she tries to repress and silence her heart with the teaching of her mother Bahriye: “Men either break your bones or your heart. ”

This story is the difficult journey of Inci and Uygar who forbid self-love for different reasons.

As they run from their greatest need, they become cruel, and even distant from themselves.

The story will tell the journey of Inci and Uygar who will be freed by love.

It will once again show us the magical power of love that transforms a human being, and encourage people to believe in the power of love.

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