Amine Gulse Biography

Amine Gülşe was born on April 30, 1993 in Sweden. She is 1.78 tall. Amine Gulse, an Istanbul actress and model, is currently being watched by domestic audiences in the role of the beautiful but stubborn Nur in the hit Turkish series “I never give up”. Amina’s father, a professional athlete of Iraqi origin, he played in a Swedish club, so she was born in this country in 1993.

Amine Gulse Biography

Although she grew up in Sweden, her parents did not allow her to forget her roots, so only the Turkish language was spoken in their home. Every summer she attended classes in this language, and several times a year they came to Turkey to visit relatives.

When she moved to Istanbul with her parents, Amine started modeling and was in high demand. In 2014, she competed in the Miss Turkey pageant and won, so she began to receive numerous offers. Due to her beauty, Amine also caught the eye of the popular Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit, who also founded a production company at the time. He immediately offered her the main role in a romantic film, but Amine still refused, because she wanted to dedicate herself to preparing for the world beauty pageant.

This Turkish beauty has been in a relationship with the famous Arsenal football player Mesut Ozil since 2015. She was also noticed at this year’s World Cup in Russia, and was often on the lists of the most beautiful female soccer players in newspapers. When it comes to acting career, Amine made her debut in 2015, when the series “I never give up” began to be filmed. Although this was her first role, Amine proved herself excellent and received good reviews from the Turkish professional public.

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